The Story of SO1

Guitars, Vocals : Steeve Tremblay  
Drums, Percussions :  Phil Prince  
Vocals :  David Shram  
Keyboards, Vocals : Yan Lapointe  
Bass, Vocals : Dan Gagnon

Phil, Steeve and two other schoolmates found Hanniball. The band plays mainly covers of The Ramones, Radiohead and Rush. Steeve begins to write music and some well-known riffs come to life. Hanniball only had a few gigs. Some may remember l'Arlequin.

Victor and Marie-France leave the band, leaving Steeve and Phil in search of new partners. After a short time, Dan joins in. Right from the start, the band clearly asserts its will to play and write progressive rock music. An original group is founded when David and Mouse join the band still keeping Hannibal as its name.

Mouse comes and goes, finally deciding to leave the group that summer. Nevertheless, the band writes of a handful of songs during this short period. The band establishes its headquarters at Dan's place. After a hilarious brainstorming session, the band chooses "Signs of One" as their new name. That was just before the production of the group's first recording: It was an intense weekend where four tracks, totalling about 40 minutes in length, were recorded. A funny way to make a first step in the studio.

Yan joins in January and Signs of One is finally complete! Yan rapidly adds his magic touch to the existing songs. It is time to play some gigs! The first performance of the band is given at "le Caf'Art", near Quebec City. Signs of One wins an amateur contest and, from then on, looks for occasions to perform on a regular basis.

Through growing friendships and musical exploration, Signs of One members experience the wonderful world of Rock'n'Roll: rehearsing a lot, playing covers, writing music, giving concerts and spending a lot of time dreaming of what the future holds?


The first official release of Signs of One, HTNT, was recorded by Luke Bossy and distributed by Ipso Facto records. Honest and naïve, this production reflects the early days of the band. 

The launch of the CD and the following concerts are memorable. Signs of One is then accompanied by a small crew of devoted fans, many of them still following the band today.

After the HTNT experience, SO1 members are eager to write new songs for their next CD. An intense schedule is planned, the objective being to release a second album in the year 2004. However, each member of the band must answer to the call of their full time job, studies and family. SO1 is forced to  reconsider its timeline. All members agree that the next CD should be driven by quality and that nothing should be done to compromise this.

INNERLANDS (2004-2007)

The material for the band's second album is almost complete by February 2005. Signs of One decides to record these songs as demos, in order to lay down the foundation of the future album. From this recording, the band releases a 3-song EP called Outlines, featuring early versions of ??Confusion??, ?? Wise Man?, and ?I.?? The main objective of this EP is to secure a deal with a record company. 

Signs of One then concentrates all of its energy on bringing the new songs to an upper level. All songs are re-worked and upgraded. In early 2006, the band is ready for the recording and starts looking for a studio. Good fortune leads us to Serges Samson and his studio "La Petite Boutique" in St-Nicéphore (Province of Quebec), a very relaxing environment, among birds, rabbits and trees. The recording of Innerlands starts in June 2006 and comes to an end in early 2007, with most of the tracks recorded at "La Petite Boutique" and some others at "Le Bério", in Quebec City. 

Meanwhile, Signs of One secures a deal with Unicorn Digital, a leader in worldwide progressive rock distribution. This deal ensures that the music of SO1 will be heard around the world. Let this new journey begin...